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Newest Games

Space Invaders

Space Invaders - Classic arcade game developed by Tomohiro Nishikado and released in 1978. This video game earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records.


Eggs - Eggs is a variation of the classic handheld electronic game created in 1981. The rules are simple - four hens lay eggs while the wolf tries to catch them with his hat.

Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball - This is a magic ball. It will answer all your questions. Use it just for fun!


Snake - The snake is an online version of the classic arcade game known from the early 80s. You control a snake on a board. Snake should eat as much apples as possible while avoiding all obstacles, including its own tail.


Pacman - Online Javascript version of one of the most popular games in the past PacMan


Jooleem - Jooleem is a puzzle game which you will immediately love it because it is simple but very addictive. There is only one rule - you must select four balls of the same color so that they form a rectangle.

Recommended Games


Tetris - the game was introduced for the first time in 1985 and now it is probably the most widespread, the most famous and most played game ever.


Hashi-o-kakero - also known as Bridges and Hashiwokakero is a very addictive puzzle. The object is to connect with bridges all of the islands into a single connected group.

Mahjong 2D

Mahjong 2D - also known as Shisen-Sho is a online solitaire game with Mahjong tiles placed on a table only in one layer.


Tetravex - online puzzle with colored tiles. The aim is to arrange them so two adjacent tiles have the same color and number.


Yamb - online dice game similar to General, but far more complex!


SameGame - clone of well known classic game from 1985. The aim is to remove as much as possible groups of joined same-colored blocks.

Top Games


RAM - simple memory test game. Try to memorize the numbers when they disappear.


Hangman - online version of a well known word guessing game. You can choose to play with words from several different dictionaries inluding Countries, Capitals and Chemical Elements.


Flip - the aim is to match 3 or more same colored squares, by exchanging 2 adjacent elements.


Simple - simple and very addictive game, where you have to collect flags while avoiding red bugs.


Sudoku - a popular puzzle with numbers. Despite to it's clear and simple rules, Sudoku can be a challenge even for more advanced players and is also one of the most entertaining logical games played.

Mahjong Shanghai

Mahjong Shanghai - online puzzle, also known as Mahjong Solitaire. The goal is to match and remove all the tiles from the board.